Rokkon language or Patogi Rokkon or /patoˈgiˌ ˈroˌkon/ lit. “The Rule of Rokkon” is a Malayo-Polynesian inspired constructed language that I have been developing since late 2017. It had so many names before this very name. Rokkon has some various dialects that phonologically inspired by various Indonesian regional language like Minangkabau, Toraja Sa’dan, Karo, etc.

The dialects will be covered in different pages. Currently, Rokkon has been the most ambitious conlang project that I have ever worked on. It currently has 1,583 lexical entries in the standard dialect by the time I published this page and it will add up even more in the future. I wish one day I had a chance to teach this language to be spoken.

Rokkon Standard Dialect Orthography and Phonology

Rokkon Phonology

Rokkon has total 20 letter in their Orthography with 49 total sounds including Consonants, Ligatures, Vowels, Diphthongs, and Triphthongs. Different Dialects have different amount of sound and combinations.

Sample Text

Rokkon Standard Dialect
Pe gorop ni buhul do natandingon sada sidang mi tosibi do bakkara banunggul naran. Sunggada te daning do nigurungan badola naran, najur-jurinji ni narongkoton gular madola naran.  

Rokkon Panigih Dialect
Ampu gorop di buhul do anjaha aur siluntang ma tosibi do bagara bonunggul muse. Sunggada ampu daning do nagurungon bodoge muse, kei najuri ni naringkoton gular madoge muse.

Rokkon Tossiran Dialect
Obat pangéai da’limang leko pakarénan melana’ sindung mo tosahi leko bakara’mi ba’nenggal liliné. Polok mi obat ungaloto leko tongona’ ba’duké’liliné, ké timbalin darongkoton gallé ma’duké’liliné.

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